Adam Arcuragi - I Am Become Joy

Adam Arcuragi
I Am Become Joy
Label/Vertrieb: High Two/Rewika/Al!ve
VÖ: 15.01.2010

In Georgia geboren und in Pennsylvania aufgewachsen: In der geografischen Kollision von Süd und Nord widerhallt die musikalische: Adam Arcuragi ist ein Südstaatenjunge mit Gitarre, der einiges gesehen – und einiges zu sagen hat. Mit brillanten Songs zwischen Americana, Iniderock, Gospel, Folk und mehr als nur einer Ahnung früher Blues Field Recordings – und lyrics, denen das Lyrische im Wortsinn eingeschrieben scheint. Songs, die einen gleichermaßen zum unwillkürlichen Mitpfeifen und –klatschen, aber auch, einem Bühnenstück gleich, zum Hinhören bringen.

   “Arcuragi’s voice [is] somber but gentle, it has the mellifluous tone of an American Nick Drake…. He reaches for bliss again and again” (Paste Magazine).

   “There is unbridled joy inherent in even the saddest of these songs, and unforgettable images in almost every verse.” (All Music Guide)

   “I don’t know much about [Adam Arcuragi], but I found myself putting [his] CD in my player over and over again.” (Bob Boilen, NPR's All Songs Considered)

   “You hear I Am Become Joy and the light bulb goes on. ....The voice hits you in the gut and makes you want to be one of the people singing backing vocals. If you want to see troubadouring done right, it's your duty to catch Arcuragi.” (The Washington Post)

Arcuragis neues, sein drittes Album erscheint in Europa am 15.01.2010 via High Two/Rewika/Al!ve – womit Rewika Records gleichzeitig den Einstand als Service Label für angloamerikanische Künstler feiert.

Einen Eindruck von Adams Livequalitäten kann man sich schon mal hier machen:,4115

Weitere Mitwirkende

Brian Christinzio of B.C. CAMPLIGHT
Jesse Elliott & Tom Hnatow of THESE UNITED STATES
Josh Newman of FAN OF FRIENDS
David Hartley of WAR ON DRUGS
Dawn Landes

Lesen Sie auf unten mehr über Orte, Träume, Mythen und das Album, aufgenommen zwischen New York, San Francisco und Philadelphia, das in seiner ganzen Länge den Titel „The Lupine Chorale Society under the direction of Adam ANcuragi accompanying himself on guitar with voice presents to you with songnand singing I Am Become Joy“ trägt.

Like a rejection of destruction; like an answer to anxiety; like a reversal of death – I Am Become Joy is a prescient cut across the grain of this new depression. Adam Arcuragi’s new 11-song album confirms his importance as one of the most gifted songwriters today. In some ways harkening back to the origins of recorded American folk music and in other ways continuing lineage of American independent rock, Arcuragi has positioned himself as a unique and visionary voice.
On his second full-length, Arcuragi expands on the dark, sparse style of his preceding 2006 untitled album and 2008 EP, Soldiers for Feet. In the past few years, an attempt was made to create a banner under which any rotating cast of characters could rally under; a sort of brotherhood or secret society that members could join and leave at will. The Lupine Choral Society, in Adam's mind, would become a nebulous trade union of musicians for which he could recruit from locations near and far. Under that waving standard a “chapter” could be whipped up in Los Angeles and then allowed to go their own way while the trip was made to points unknown, only to find another group in another city that was ready to take up the cause again for this magnificent record album. The backing vocals on I Am Become Joy invoke the feeling of a ramshackle choir almost as if each song was tracked in a different church across the wide swath of Route 80 that cuts from southern Georgia to Mississippi. There is also a rotating cast of instrumentation layered with pedal steel, dulcimer, accordion, trumpets, and even a singing saw, each song has a unique arrangement to compliment Arcuragi on vocals and guitar. I Am Become Joy shows the full width of Arcuragi's brilliant songwriting style in a manner befitting a man who proudly made up what he lovingly refers to as his “own phoney baloney fake religion.” This album was pointedly cut in “live chunks.” Any overdubbing was done over a core of three to four live instrument takes with Arcuragi singing live for each song.
The focus of the sessions (be they in New York, San Francisco or Philadelphia) was on the importance of multiple human beings playing ensemble. The idea was to record less like painting a picture and more like taking an aural photograph of a moment-span in time. I Am Become Joy features guest appearances by Dawn Landes and members of like-minded artists B.C. Camplight, These United States, Fan of Friends, and The War on Drugs.

The album art for I Am Become Joy (which exists in three different versions for CD, vinyl, and digital download) was done by illustrator Peter Wonsowski, who also contributes his musical talent to the recordings, playing singing saw and accordion.

“Untitled“ (Full Length Album, High Two 2006)
“Soldiers For Feet” (EP, High Two 2008)
“I Am Become Joy” (Full Length Album, High Two / Rewika 2009/2010)


Adam Arcuragi

I Am Become Joy

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23.01.2010 DK-Kopenhagen, Din Nye Ven
25.01.2010 D-Hamburg, Astra Stube
26.01.2010 D-Hannover. Café Glocksee
27.01.2010 D-Berlin, Box&Bar @ Deutsches Theater
28.01.2010 D-Lüneburg, Unicampus, Gebäude 9
29.01.2010 D-Frankfurt, Yellow Stage
30.01.2010 D-Mannheim, Blau
31.01.2010 D-Münster, Fachwerk
01.02.2010 D-Köln, Blue Shell
02.02.2010 D-Nürnberg, Mata Hari Bar
03.02.2010 CZ-Prag, Brick Bar
04.02.2010 D-Wetzlar, Café Vinyl
05.02.2010 D-Reutlingen, franz.K
06.02.2010 CH-Baden, Herbert
07.02.2010 B-Gent, Wespstraat 61
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