My Awesome Mixtape - How Could This Village...

My Awesome Mixtape:
How Could A Village Turn Into A Town
VÖ: 11.09.2009

Ein Sänger, der daherkommt wie eine Mischung aus Cedric Bixler-Zavala (die Älteren unter euch entsinnen sich noch an At The Drive-In), John Flansburgh (They Might Be Giants) und dem jungen Billy Joel. Eine Band, die – wenn sie nicht selber über die Bühne hüpft, kriecht, rennt – über einen riesigen mittig ausgerichteten Synthesizer/Trash-Maschinenpark gebeugt ist, Geige und Trompete spielt als gebe es kein Morgen und dazu den Bass, die Gitarre und einen Haufen weiterer Klangerzeuger fliegen lässt. Und einen Dancefloor Kracher nach dem Anderen raus haut: Die "Bologna Geek Dance Party" ist wieder unterwegs. Wahnsinnige Live Show, wahnsinnige Band. Und jetzt endlich mit ihrem ersten offiziell in GAS veröffentlichtem Album.
Schlage vor, Sie hören sich das mal an.

Ihr Hardy Krüger

Even if Italy is experiencing the worst political and economical situation since W.W.II, culture is not always influenced by that decline. In fact, the Italian music scene offers quite a lot of good stuff to listen to. To start with 80ies hardcore bands such as Negazione, Nabat and Raw Power that spread the word all over the globe, for example. A lot has changed since, but not everything has vanished. There’s still a couple of dedicated bands around: In fact My Awesome Mixtape –together with a lot of other Italian bands such as: Julie's Haircut, Blake/e/e/e, Settlefish, A Classic Education and many others are trying to shout out their music in the amazing and huge worldwide music underground choir!

My Awesome Mixtape’s story starts, like that of many other bands, in their bedroom. That’s where, at the tail end of 2006, Maolo, Checco and Bebo – three spritely Bolognese regaz – half-jokingly start making music. Mixing and matching their favourite styles, they end up generating an original mix of indie rock, hip hop and electronica, the kind you cannot fail to dance to.

In the space of a few months, the band’s first songs become the talk of the town, and soon enough they are hailed everywhere as Italy’s next big thing. At that point, leaving the bedroom to go out and play with the big kids is pretty mandatory. After a few changes in line-up and solo experiments, My Awesome Mixtape become a fivesome: Maolo Torreggiani, Andrea Mancin, Andrea Sologni, Alessandro Scagliarini and Federico Spadoni. Their first album, titled "My Lonely and Sad Waterloo", is released as a co-production between Italian independent labels My Honey Records and I dischi dell'amico immaginario on September 8th 2007.

Upon the album’s release, the band has already played in half the country’s live venues, and tries successfully to go abroad and export their music to the rest of Europe. At the end of 2008, MAM’s “Neverending Tour” will have lined up a smashing 158 live gigs, and gained the band an award as Best Live Band of the season at the annual Meeting of Independent Labels in Faenza.
That’s not the end of it. MAM’s special guest appearance in the ensemble video for La nuova musica italiana by Italian hardcore sensations Linea77, and the rerelease of “My Lonely And Sad Waterloo” in Germany through Rewika Records, and in Japan through P-Vine Records, start paving the way for a new album, scheduled for release in the fall of 2009.

“How Could a Village Turn Into a Town” will is released in Italy through 42 Records (also home of Gatto Ciliegia Contro Il Grande Freddo, Kobenhavn Store, and Fake P) and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland through Rewika Records.
Recorded by Bruno Germano of Settlefish, the album marks a new step in My Awesome Mixtape’s artistic growth. Composed, arranged and played as a team effort, “How could a village turn into a town” matches its predecessor’s impetuosity with a newfound maturity and awareness in handling and shaping sound. The album has been preceded by the “Other Houses” EP, issued by 42 Records in double format, digital and coloured cassette tape (for a total of 150 numbered copies). The EP is accompanied by two live videos, made by Opificio Ciclope for Italian web TV Pronti al peggio, and will contain three new songs (two of which will not be made available anywhere else), as well as two remixes by hot items of the Italian club scene Congorock and Peluche (Dariella of hip hop band Amari and Matteo Lavagna of Disco Drive).
With a new and improved line-up, once (its members are now Maolo Torreggiani, Andrea Mancin, Andrea Suriani, Alessandro Scagliarini and Federico Spadoni), My Awesome Mixtape are about to make their comeback on the Italian stage, before they move on to their next European tour, scheduled for September 2009, when the album is set to be released.


My Awesome Mixtape

How Could A Village...

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