My Awesome Mixtape - My Lonely And Sad Waterloo

My Awesome Mixtape - My lonely and sad Waterloo
(Dischi Dell'amico Immaginario/Rewika/Al!ve)
VÖ: 18.04.2008

A wollen fabric heart pinned on a t-shirt, a marked geeky-nerd attitude is what make My Awesome Mixtape unique of its kind...
Five guys with a mission: "Make your heart beat and your hands clap in time".



It all started out in a room surrounded by a wonderful bolognese panorama similar to the darkest and most gothic Edgar Allan Poe's settings...
Here is where My Awesome Mixtape were born and grew up with their "Catchy Geek Pop", something totally different from the Poe's landscape! Friendly, happy, fresh, young [as the age of the band members] the My Awesome Mixtape songs are certainly inspired to the Anticon Scene [Why?, themselves...most of all], Suburban Kids With Biblical Name, The Faint, Tender Forever and The Blow. What will happen next?! That's basically unknown, apart from spreading the Nerd Word all over europe and the entire world.


01. Love On Cabin Class
02. The Saint Valentines Day Massacre
03. Diderot
04. Francis Turner
05. I've Lost My Language
06. Napalm on Bxxx Gxxxx
07. Hilarious
08. What A Strange Supposition
09. The Loser Ballad
10. Lilith Spring
11. Silently April Left Us Without A Kiss
12. End Of The Night, End Of The


My Awesome Mixtape

My Lonely And Sad Waterloo

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25.07.08 F-Paris, L'Alimentation Generale
26.07.08 D-Darmstadt, 603qm
27.07.08 CZ-Hradec Kràlové, Happy Days
04.09.08 D-Dortmund, Kaltscha
05.09.08 NL-Den Haag, Ground 3 Festival
06.09.08 CH-Aarau, Kiff
08.09.08 A-Wien, Rhiz
09.09.08 D-Frankfurt/Clubkeller
10.09.08 Saarbrücken, Sparte 4
11.09.08 NL-EIndhoven, Viri Festival
12.09.08 SK-Zilina, Stanica
13.09.08 CZ-Lanskroun, Festival
14.09.08 D-Hamburg, Astra Stube
15.09.09 D-Berlin, Lokal


Label Dischi Dell'amico Immaginario/Rewika/Al!ve