The Audience - Christine

The Audience - Christine
Label/Vertrieb: Rewika/Al!ve
VÖ: 30.05.2008

Besides smart cover artwork and great vinyl aesthetics, this limited 7-Inch contains one new song and a remix by Inspector Ivo from Vienna. The song is about the contradictions of nightlife and what is used to be described as "beautiful". Hear trash guitars and glitter synths, champaign drops and beer foam...
Get it via: Rewika, at good mailorders (eg. Flight 13 or Greenhell), at your local record dealer or at Amazon or similar. But, of course, also at all our live shows.


Celluloid, CD/LP (2007)
Christine, 7-Inch (2008)


The Audience


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22.05.2008 D-Heidelberg, Zum Teufel
23.05.2008 D-Frankfurt, HImmelfahrtskommando
28.05.2008 D-Triersdorf, Reithalle
29.05.2008 D-Leipzig, Campusfest
30.05.2008 D-Neustrelitz, Immergut Festival
31.05.2008 D-Esslingen, Summer Opening Festival
09.06.2008 D-Homberg (Efze), Hessentag
15.06.2008 D-Würzburg, Umsonst & Draußen
04.07.2008 D-Erlangen, E-Werk
11.07.2008 D-Ulm, Obstwiesenfestival
26.07.2008 D-Großefehn, Omas Teich Festival
01.08.2008 D-Trebur, Open Air
16.08.2008 D-Enkirch/Mosel, Falling Open Air
22.08.2008 D-Horb am Neckar, Mini Rock Festival
23.08.2008 D-Elend im Harz, Rocken am Brocken