Rewika Records & Promotion

Rewika Records & Promotion is a PR-, consulting and marketing company based in Berlin. We are offering strategies and media services for record labels, managements and artists in Print, Online and Radio in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Currently we are overseeing the inhouse PR for Berlin based record companies Staatsakt and Fun In The Church, and London based Mute Artists Ltd. A variety of other labels are using our services on a project-to-project basis. Owner Markus Göres is looking back on two decades of experience in the music industry and has seen all sides of the business, be it as a label-owner or product manager, booking agent or freelance publicist. He’s also been working as a musician and photographer, cultural journalist and editor, and co-owns the internationally renown venue Schlachthof Wiesbaden. He’s been working with the most obscure underground musicians as well as for Top Ten-artists. Take a look around this little no-bullshit-online-business-card and feel invited to ask for references, terms and conditions.